Rudolf Popradi Master Tailor
Bespoke Hand Tailored Suits

True Bespoke Suits

Every one of my bespoke suits is meticulously hand crafted, and hand created for an individual person. My suits are made using only traditional tailoring methods of construction and will take a minimum of 80 hours of labour to complete. Compare this amount of labour to the most expensive factory made suits that can take less than 1 hour at most to fully make.

The process begins with the creation of your own individual pattern which is exclusive to you and only you.

Your bespoke suit will be expertly hand-crafted with the main emphasis on traditional hand-sewing skills, only the main seams of your coat and trousers will be joined using a machine. If a collar seam was sewn by hand 200 years ago, then that same seam, and any other, will also be sewn by hand on your suit maintaining the heritage and traditions of real bespoke tailoring.

The mainstay of a bespoke coat is the internal canvasses. These canvasses are woven from real horse hair. This springy canvas enables me to create you a garment that has shape, body and real 3D form. So, the inside front portion of your jacket between the cloth and lining will have a multi layered, hand-made horse hair canvas. This canvas will be fully shaped by the placement of hundreds of small hand stitches. This canvas will help me to create a form that flatters your physique best and maintain shape throughout the life of the coat.